About ACTS4

Alison Crampton and Tracey Sweetland

Sisters are doing it for themselves – and helping you do business.

We are on a mission to…

Be a champion for small businesses...

ACTS4 will champion small businesses by offering easy, accessible and affordable admin and marketing support.

Build a thriving business community...

ACTS4 aims to create a supportive community where owners can access the help and advice they need to grow their business.

Empower business owners...

ACTS4 wants to empower business owners to tell their stories and share their news, both online and in print, in a way which attracts new customers and grows their business.

ACTS4’s Story

ACTS4 is the lovechild of two businesses brought together over a cuppa and cake.

Sisters Alison Crampton (the AC of ACTS) and Tracey Sweetland (…you get the picture!) decided to join forces to provide a full range of services to help small business owners keep all the plates spinning.

Previously Alison was running a virtual assistant business called Virtu-alli and Tracey was providing graphic design, content creation, websites and communications, through her business Plan B Marketing.

After both realised how many of their own clients also needed the services provided by the other, they decided to team up to bring everything under one umbrella and streamline their own business admin, marketing and costs.

They now work together to provide an all-round service to their clients, focusing on excellent service and value for money, and are enjoying having a “partner in crime” to bounce ideas off and brainstorm with.

It even means there’s someone else to make the coffee and buy the cakes occasionally!


Meet the Team

Alison Crampton


Alison is a professional book-keeper and all round office angel – helping keep everything running smoothly by being super organised. She’s also the fierce guardian of the key to the stationery cupboard – you know the sort!

Tracey Sweetland


Tracey is a professional journalist and an experienced graphic and website designer – providing the creative spark for ACTS4. And we all know that creative can also mean slightly chaotic – it’s a good job Alison’s on hand to keep her in check.

ACT4’s Elevator Pitch

ACTS4 has a kitbag full of clever solutions to help free up time and headspace for small business owners so they can concentrate on other aspects of their operation.

We can take care of payroll and book-keeping, as well as admin duties such as form filling, data input, transcription, dictation and email, calendar and schedule management.

We help business owners promote their products and services by offering effective, accessible and affordable graphic design, website design and management and content creation and copywriting for print and online. We can also help with social media, email marketing, public relations and internal and external communications.

ACTS4’s director Tracey Sweetland also offers business mentoring, coaching, masterminds and start-up support through the Impetsu4 Success Academy.

We promise you…



You will not be bamboozled by business or marketing jargon or technical talk if you trust ACTS4 to help run and grow your business.

Pricing will also be transparent, with no hidden extras to catch you out and hit you in the pocket.


ACTS4 will always give it to you straight. You will never be promised something which we cannot deliver.

And, if something does go wrong, we’ll do our very best to rectify the problem as soon as possible.


Handing over any kind of control in your business by delegating tasks can be scary, so ACTS4 aims to make the whole process as easy as possible by providing an approachable and friendly service.

Put the kettle on, let’s have a chat.


If you have never outsourced any elements of your business before, you probably have a million questions you want answers to before you invest your hard earned cash.

We are always available at the end of the phone or by email to help answer them.

Some of the local businesses we have worked with…

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