Your own business marketing manager

Have your own marketing professional on call to take care of all your graphic design, content creation, website design and management and communications needs with an ACTS4 retainer package.

What We Offer

Do you need help with all the marketing tasks that are essential to promoting your business, but you don’t want to hire a full-time – or even part-time – member of staff for whatever reason?

Maybe you need convicing of the importance of a marketing role in your business, or you are put off hiring by the additional costs and responsibilities of adding someone to your payroll?

If that’s you, ACTS4’s marketing retainer packages are the solution.

Essentially you pay for a set number of hours of work, which can be used across the month on any or all of the marketing services that ACTS4 offers.

For example, pay for a retainer of 36 hours a month and have ACTS4’s working one day a week on your website design, the design of a logo and brochure for a new project or writing a press release for the local papers.

Too much? No problem.

Our minimum retainer package is just nine hours a month.

Whatever your needs and budget, talk to Tracey Sweetland today about how ACTS4 can help.

The Nuts and Bolts

Just what you need

We have a range of flexible retainer packages, so it doesn’t matter whether you need marketing help two hours or two days a week. You are in control.

Wide range of services

Your retainer package hours can be used for all of ACTS4’s marketing services, including website design and management, graphic design, content creation and copywriting, press releases, internal and external communications, email campaigns and even social media set up and management.

Monthly reports

We use Clockify software to track the time we spend on each task or project and can provide you with a detailed report at the end of each month.

Flexibility - but no unexpected costs

Retainer packages are invoiced at the beginning of the month in advance, so you don’t get any nasty surprises. We will constantly monitor your retainer package to make sure you are buying the right number of hours, but we will take into account that some months you may not use all of your hours and the next month you may need a few extra.

No employment hassle

By taking a retainer package you benefit from an extra pair of (professional) hands, but without the hassle and costs associated with taking on an employee. We work remotely from our office in Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire, but are able to attend meetings at your workplace or other locations (within 25 miles approx radius).

*Prices correct from October 1, 2019

What next?…

Just get started

It can be hard to get your head around exactly what it is you need help with or where to get started with your marketing.

Arrange a meeting with Tracey Sweetland at ACTS4 and we will help you get to grips with what will work best for you.

Use the form on this page to get in touch or go to our Contact Us page for other ways to connect, including setting up a meeting.

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